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Barnaby Jack's consigned curated vintage is a quick and easy way to add one-of-a-kind vintage pieces that compliment your brand's inventory. Signing up is easy! Simply select your preferred STYLE(s) and COLOR PALETTE(s) and we'll take it from there! Scroll down to learn more about our process.   


Step 1. Select the Style

We know how important it is for boutique's to carry a cohesive selection, which is why we let you select your preferred style. Choose from Minimalism, Bohemian, Southwestern, Retro & Grunge. (Please note that the photos below merely represent the types of items you would receive should you choose that collection style. You will not receive each exact item in each photo).



Minimalist style will often get you clothing from the 1990's and the 1980's, but sometimes we can find minimalist style items from the 1970's and 1960's. We have found that the highest quality vintage in this style often comes in cottons, silks and the occasional light weight synthetic fibers, with minimal to no patterns and simple silhouettes. These make great unique basics! 



A little bit 1960's California hippie with a touch of 70's rocker; Bohemian vintage brings you statement pieces that make an outfit stand out. We often find these items within the 1960's and 1970's eras, but can sometimes find 1990's and 1940's items as well. Each item may very in fit, but every item will definitely be one-of-a-kind.



Vibrant and rustic, our southwestern style picks take a little bit from the 1940's all the way up to the 1990's. Items mostly consist of cottons, suedes and leathers, with a variety of fits and stunning embroidered details. This style will tend to have a lot of statement pieces mixed with some perfectly worn-in basics.



Classic vintage, ranging from the 1940's to the 1960's. This collection will have a lot of feminine silhouettes, lace and/or floral tops, and preppy skirts and cardigans.



Perfectly worn in vintage denim, floral loose-fit dresses, t-shirts and the occasional leather. Our grunge pieces range from the 1970's to the 1990's, and most will have significant imperfections, which only add to their authentic grunge look. 


Step 2. Select the Color Palette

Let us know if you have a preferred color palette! We understand that new seasons come with new color schemes, that is why we would love to know which color spectrums work best for you. (Please note that while we do try our best to match your chosen palette, sometimes we are limited to what we can find based on style AND color - therefore, we may throw in another color, while also making sure that it compliments the collection we send you.)  



Whites, Blacks, Beiges, Browns & Greys, with the occasional mid to light wash denim.



Blues, Chambray and denim

Warm Tones


Yellows, Red's, Oranges & Some Browns

Cool Tones


Green's, Blue's, Purple's 



Once an order is approved, we will arrange a time with you  to deliver your hand selected collection, free of charge. Your collection will include 15 to 20 items of your chosen style and color scheme, with prices attached, per your approval. Once your collection arrives, a 30 day cycle will begin.

For every item sold, we require 50% of the retail price.

Please note, we are not responsible for any items lost, stolen or damaged - and will still require 50% of the retail price of that item. Should any item sell in a store wide sale or from any other markdown, Barnaby Jack will still receive 50% off the original retail price (unless a markdown is agreed to by both parties).

During the consignment cycle, we are would love to promote our collection (and your shop) on our Instagram feed (@barnabyjackvintage) and to our email subscribers, with your approval.  

When the 30 day cycle ends, we will touch base with your boutique. The payment of 50% of any item sold are made at the end of every cycle. Once a cycle ends, should you decide to continue carrying our curated vintage consignment, you can:

1) order more items to replenish your stock

2) switch out whatever items you feel does not work for your customer

3) mark down items at an agreed upon percentage

Send us Your Order!

Would you like to carry a curated line of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces? We would love to work with you!  

Please fill out the form below to get started or send us an email with any additional questions to sara@shopbarnabyjack.com

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