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Out West Eau de Parfum

  • Scent #1: HIGH DESERT

    A dusty trailhead scent. A night sky in West Texas. Like stumbling upon a summer watering hole in New Mexico.

    • Top: spiced coriander, texas grapefruit, dusty cedar
    • Heart: trailside herbs, sage, additional dusty cedar
    • Base: birch tar, labdanum, smoked vetiver

    Scent #2: CUERO

    Based off the Cuir de Russie scents of the early 20th century, Cuero follows in the footsteps of the androgynous classics while injecting the warmth of Texas and Mexico.

    • Top: bright citrus, soft florals, dusty woods
    • Heart: jasmine, leather, cypress
    • Base: labdanum, smoke, vetiver




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