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C O L O R   T H E O R Y

B A R N A B Y J A C K 

Spring 2016 Lookbook

Photographer: Diane Villadsen

Hair/Make Up: Ashley Langston

Models: Emma Madden & Kelsey Jackson with HMM Models


Clothing: Barnaby Jack


Yellow 1960's Dress

1970's Southwest Dress SOLD

Puebla Indigo Dress SOLD

Embroidered Kaftan SOLD

White Linen Dress SOLD

White Edwardian Dress SOLD

Blue Chambray 1950's Dress

Blue notPerfect Linen Top

Levis Jeans SOLD

Stetson Royal Hat SOLD

White Linen 1960's Dress SOLD

Blue notPerfect Linen Apron SOLD

Embroidered Crop Top SOLD

Indigo Poncho SOLD

Cole Haan Huaraches 

White not Perfect Linen Top

Floral 1960's Top SOLD

Vintage Huipil 

Embroidered 1970's Peasant Top SOLD

Persian Bohemian Ring

Turquoise Cuff

Lapis Silver Teardrop Ring

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